Collection: Saditty Collection

*“Saditty” by Toné Spring collection circa 2015.

When I started on this collection my partner at the time was experiencing some financial hardships, even in the face of adversity it never stopped him from providing our son and myself with our wants and needs. I thank God for the humbling experience, some women would have kept living life spending money frivolously on expensive shoes and  purses throwing caution to the wind of their current situation. Instead I reverted to something I was taught as a girl and with that I rose to the occasion. supreme, superior, SADITTY!

Saditty” by Tone’ Spring collection circa 2015.


Make a statement with these unique fitted garments.  They’re  Classy, timeless and elegant.  Cut from our signature highest quality heavy-weight stretch (Ponte) fabric that smooths and sculpts every curve.  Elegant designs that can be worn anywhere, dinner dates, cocktail nights, formal events.

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